The Big Show Reveals Who His Favorite Wrestlers Are Right Now, Says Fans Don’t Realize How Good Roman Reigns Is


During a recent interview with Forbes, WWE Superstar The Big Show discussed WWE fans not realizing how good Roman Reigns really is. He also discussed his favorite wrestlers right now and revealed who he wants to face. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On fans not realizing how good Roman Reigns is: “People don’t understand how good Roman is. He’s easy to pick on because he’s good looking and he’s athletic in our society especially with social media. Roman is great to work with, especially if you’re a big guy. If you’re a big guy and a bad guy, and you’re working with Roman Reigns, it’s really easy. Our audience has a way of being misinformed from the wrong people. The internet is filled with so-called experts who couldn’t lace up a pair of boots. He’s getting a lot of grief for stuff that isn’t his fault. It’s the in-thing to boo Roman Reigns. In time, thru Roman’s work ethic, he’ll be able to change a lot of those opinions.

On wanting to face Sami Zayn: “Sami Zayn thinks I hate him, but one day I’d even like to work with little ol’ Sami. He’s always so happy, I just wanna strangle him.”

On who his favorite wrestlers are right now: “My two favorites right now are Seth [Rollins] and Roman. Seth is amazing, he does A to Z. He does it in the ring, on the mic, heel and babyface. He’s not finding himself, he’s found himself. As far as cruiserweights, I really love Swann and Neville. I loved that they turned Neville heel. He’s got such an aggressive nastiness. I love it.”

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