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Big Show Says He Hates WWE TV, Says Its “Time-Wasting”, Takes A Few Shots At WWE Creative



The seven-foot giant, the Big Show, has voiced his frustration with WWE TV on the latest episode of Chris Jericho’s podcast; Talk Is Jericho. Big Show apparently believes that WWE TV is a waste of time and had much more to say about it.

Here’s an excerpt from that particular portion of the podcast:

“I love the live events, I hate TV’s. TV’s I just want to bash my skull into the camera. They’re just long, useless time-wasting bulls**t days where you sit around all day for some friggin’ idea that just sucks. Debating it for hours with 17,000 inputs you know, 1 or 2 guys laced up a pair of wrestling boots know what they are talking about. The others that never laced up a pair and don’t know s**t. For some reason, they are telling you what to do and you’re just sitting there baffled, like we all have that look at TV, we walk around baffled like, ‘Well why are we doing this?’”

I’ve done a lot of stuff where I just go down, I knock somebody out and I leaveI hate that, I get it, I’m old and beat up, they’re trying to help me out and extend me. But I like getting in the ring. Whether you like my character or not, most of the s**t on TV and pay-per-views I didn’t get to pick to do, anyway. Don’t be mad at me, be mad at the people who book this s**t. But getting in the ring and actually working, I love, I love working. The stuff that’s going on now, there’s a lot of change going on, there’s a lot of new talent, there’s a lot of new opportunities and I’m OK with that, they should get the TV time, they should get the pay-per-view time, I’m totally fine with that. Just don’t make me go to Monday’s where I have to deal with that, that s**T pisses me off. If I’m coming, use me, if you’re not, send me home.

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