The Big Show Talks Big Cass (Video)


Big Cass opened tonight’s Monday Night RAW from Houston. The big man laid out all his goals and inspirations for his future in the WWE before being interrupted by another giant, The Big Show. Big Show and Cass then brawled for a minute before Cass escaped the ring.


Following the altercation, WWE backstage interviewer Mike Rome, caught up with the Big Show & Show provided his thoughts on Big Cass.

Show says at this point in his career he’s not out for games like Cass was playing. Big Show stated that Cass may be 7 feet tall and may be a tough son of a gun but Show isn’t out the door yet. Says that tonight was just a taste and Cass may have found out he bit off more than he can chew. Show says we will find out down the road but hopefully Cass will step up and not be so “SAWFT.”

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