Big Show Undergoes Surgery? Winner Of Mae Young Classic Not Receiving NXT Women’s Championship?


Two potential big stories have blossomed out of the world of pro wrestling today. First things first, The big show is rumored to be undergoing minor surgery for a slight hip issue. James McKenna, employee of Pro Wrestling Sheet, first reported the news on Monday and claims that Big Show’s bump through the steel cage was a way to write him off of television.

big show

The second story is pulled from today’s episode of Dave Meltzer’s show where he talked about the rumor consisting of the Mae Young Classic winner being crowned the new NXT Women’s Champion. According to Meltzer, that is not the current plan. Although it once was the plan, and seemed logical with Asuka’s relinquishment of the title, this is no longer the plan. He mentioned that plans change all the time, but it is an unlikely scenario.

mae young classic

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