Big Swole: “My Line Is Still Open For Tony Khan & AEW!”


Big Swole and AEW parted ways on very bad terms last year. Despite this, Swole now says her “line is still open” for AEW and Tony Khan.

Swole departed AEW late last year and then went on her podcast and claimed there was a lack of structure and diversity in the company. AEW President Tony Khan didn’t take kindly to those comments and revealed that he let Swole’s contract expire because he “felt her wrestling wasn’t good enough”.

During a recent appearance on “The Sessions with Renee Paquette” podcast, Swole revealed that she still has friends who work for AEW and says Tony Khan can always reach out. If we’re being honest, that’s quite the change in tune from her previous comments regarding the company.

Swole said,

“I still have love for the people there at AEW. Like, I still have friends and everything like that. I’m supportive and I still watch their matches and everything. Everything that went down kind of just went as a surprise for me. I didn’t necessarily know [Tony Khan] was going to react like that, but I mean… that’s his god given right.

“My line is still open for [Tony Khan and] for AEW, because I don’t like to burn any bridges. I just like to tell the truth. These are my opinions. These are my experiences and I feel like they shouldn’t have been blown out of proportion as much as they [were] and I feel like people were doing more invalidating than actually actively listening and comprehending what I was saying. So in a sense of where my relationship is with certain fans, it’s kind of like..nuh-uh..but as far as AEW, I just really wish them the best because I don’t want anybody getting out of a job. Competition is amazing for wrestling. We’ve been waiting on something like this for a long time.”

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