Big Swole Says She’s Been Receiving Racist Messages And Threats


During the latest edition of her “Swole World” podcast, former AEW Superstar Big Swole revealed that she’s been receiving ‘horrible’ racist messages and threats from fans online after she talked about her departure from AEW.

As many of you know by now, Swole discussed the lack of diversity and structure in AEW on the debut of her podcast. AEW President Tony Khan took to Twitter and said the real reason she was released was because he simply didn’t think she was a good wrestler.

Swole now says the controversy has resulted in many racist comments being sent in her direction, some of which also mentioned her daughter. She also claims that racist messages were mailed to the TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville while she was working for AEW. She said,

“I’m gonna call a spade a spade. You’re calling me a n**ger, you’re calling me a n**ger. You’re saying, ‘kill the n**gers’. Excuse my language, you guys. But that’s – yeah, that’s how serious it is.“

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