Big Swole: “Tessa Blanchard’s ‘Wisest Choice’ is AEW!”


AEW Women’s Superstar Big Swole took to Twitter on Sunday, saying that she thinks Tessa Blanchard would be a good fit in AEW if that’s even an option for her. We previously reported here on eWn that WWE has already sent out “feelers” to Blanchard after she was fired from Impact Wrestling and stripped of the Impact World Championship last week.

As of this writing, there is no word on whether AEW is interested in Blanchard. Of course, her father (Tully) works for the company but she was also heavily criticized online for allegations that she bullied women and used a racial slur against Black Rose during an event in Japan in 2017. There are also reports that she has major attitude issues. Swole actually called out Blanchard over the Japan claims, saying,

“So since we telling stories….Big Swole’s turn. I won’t speak on all the other stories but the one about La Rosa I know personally. This past year at Wrestlecade I spoke to her about this and about hashing it out with Tessa. I’ve spoken to Tessa as well, after talking with La Rosa and I decided it needed to be dealt with. A conversation needed to happen because this was getting intense over the years. As a black woman this sickened me that this happened to a friend of mine. We have been dealing with this since it happened, it’s just now finding light on social media. People are entitled to deal with this how they want. I just want the world to know the last part of the story.”

Blanchard does not have a no-compete clause and is free to sign wherever she’d like.

AEW posted the following extended cut video for the recent vignette featuring Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela:

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