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NewsBig Update On CM Punk; No Contact With WWE In Some Time

Big Update On CM Punk; No Contact With WWE In Some Time



Source: Wrestling Observer newsletter

Here is the latest on CM Punk, according to a source that is very close to the situation. Punk has had no contact with WWE for some time. Punk was frustrated with the booking and payoffs and basically he’s said that he’s happy being home and wasn’t happy being on the road. 

Punks contract expires in July and even before he walked out there were people that know him that said at the time that they didn’t expect him to renew his deal with WWE and some people thought he wouldn’t last until July. It is not clear if he will be free to do other projects when his deal is up in July because WWE does have the right to say that he owes them six months on the deal because he failed to perform for the final six months of his contract. 

One thing that was noted was that a year ago he was the WWE champion and working on top of the promotion as champion and he headlined big drawing pay-per-views with The Rock and while he was still strong and was considered the number 2 guy behind John Cena as a draw when he left in January, he wasn’t the WWE champion and the programs he was in weren’t as strong. That can’t be the key reason he left though because he left months before he got his payoff for the Royal Rumble show (payoffs come three months after the show), and that show would have been the show that would have been down from the previous year but he would not have known that at the time he walked out.

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