Big Update On Edge’s Free Agency Status, His Ring Name, & Entrance Music


Fightful Select has shared an update on WWE Hall of Famer Edge, who is now believed to be a free agent and no longer under contract with WWE.

Several WWE and AEW talents were reportedly of the belief that Edge would be headed to AEW once his WWE contract expired.


In addition, AEW talents have been hearing as early as mid-August that Edge would be signing with the company even before he had wrestled his final WWE match against Sheamus on SmackDown

Last week, a veteran WWE star stated that it’s a “lock” that Edge is headed for AEW.

As far as Edge’s entrance music is concerned, one source suggested that they do not believe WWE owns exclusive licensing rights to “Metalingus,” as the track appears on Alter Bridge’s One Day Remains album.

Another source noted that while exclusive rights could be reached, WWE never felt the need to do so.

However, the same source pointed out that the “You Think You Know Me” portion of the music originated in WWE, but the same could be re-recorded.

Another song Edge had used as his WWE entrance music was Rob Zombie’s “Never Gonna Stop.” WWE reportedly no longer has a license to the song.

A particular source noted that if Edge wanted to use almost any Alter Bridge song, AEW would likely make it happen.

Since WWE owns the “Edge” ring name and trademark, the Rated R Superstar (Adam Copeland) cannot use the nickname in AEW.

WWE has removed Edge from its internal active roster, and although he continues to appear on the SmackDown roster, that is usually due to the website rosters not being updated until public statements are issued on wrestler departures.

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