Big Update on Real-Life Fight Between Jimmy Havoc and Excalibur


Here are some additional details on the real-life fight that took place between Jimmy Havoc and Excalibur this past week. According to a report from, the fight actually took place on Thursday night at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood in Baltimore, Maryland. A lot of the current AEW wrestlers and management (Tony Khan included) were there to celebrate Tony Schiavone’s birthday.

Havoc was drinking with others at the party and he and Excalibur got into a verbal altercation. The verbal spat escalated into a physical fight. According to reports, Havoc threw a punch at Excalibur but it didn’t connect. Excalibur then put Havoc in a choke hold. Atlas Security then got involved and they were able to get Excalibur to release the choke hold. After the two were separated, Havoc came back for more and threw several more punches at Excalibur. Atlas Security then escorted Havoc out of the restaurant.

As Atlas Security tried to calm Havoc down outside the building, Excalibur came out to try to talk things out. Havoc wasn’t having any of it and reportedly threw his phone at Excalibur. The phone missed and ended up hitting a wall and breaking. Atlas Security once again had to get involved and sent Excalibur back inside.

Since the fight, the two have reportedly talked things out and there is no longer any heat between the two men. Also, Havoc is said to be remorseful about the incident.

During the post AEW Full Gear media scrum, Tony Khan commented on the incident, saying,

“I wouldn’t call it a fight, I’ve seen a lot worse in the world of football, both in England and the NFL — I’ve seen a lot worse, and I saw a lot worse tonight. They scrapped around and it was cool yesterday.”

Havoc tweeted the following photo shortly before the incident, showing himself jokingly trying to stab MJF with a knife inside the restaurant. He says he was dragged out of the restaurant shortly after the photo was taken.

“Got stuck next to @The_MJF at dinner tonight. I got dragged out of the restaurant just as this pic was taken.”

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