Big Update: WWE Very Worried About Chicago RAW


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

While some in WWE believe that the CM Punk chants are starting to die down on their own, there is still some concern over the March 3 episode of RAW in Chicago. The idea that Punk’s hometown crowd will hijack a show to support him is something that the WWE could believes could happen and they are not ignoring it.

The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan are both set to return on February 24, a week before the Chicago show. There is talk of using one or both of them in Chicago as a way to counter the Punk chants. Neither have been advertised for the March 3 event so far.

However even with the Chicago event coming up, the belief is that the Punk chants overall are no longer a factor. There was concern that fans would hijack the Cena/Orton main event on Monday, so the WWE gave them Daniel Bryan right before as a way to stop that. Since there weren’t many chants in Los Angeles, WWE believes that is proof the chants are dying down.

There is still mixed feelings on Punk’s decision to leave. No one agrees with the way he left (walking out before RAW started) but they think he had valid concerns. It’s believed that Punk was popular, but not a ticket seller and he’s only helped PPV business a few times.

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