Big Vito Goes On Facebook Rant + New Job Revealed


Former WWE, TNA, WCW and ECW superstar Big Vito posted the following rant on Facebook last week:

I gotta say something here. To all my boys out there, I love you guys. We can go back and forth on facebook, but, when people go on about me, for talking shit and wrestling. I GOTTA TELL YOU, IT MAKES ME SICK. My friends in Florida who I talk to , you know who you are, I love you guys. To my boys back here in Jersey, and pa. I love you guys. We bust on each other here, and its ok, I have no ill towards NO ONE. I have given wrestling 22 years of my life. No one can tell me I did not earn it. I have helped and made some nice friends here. I love you all. When some one goes on twitter and bashes me, and dosent know Vito J. LoGrasso, you need to check your mouth. Good day, bad day, I help all. To people who rant, on twitter and say shit. Kiss my ass you sorry son of a bitch. To those, on the wrestling scene who never took the time to know me, stick it in your ass. I have given more then most. We all joke. In jest. But to those who say shit and talk out there ass. Go accomplish something in life. Have a career. Do something for others. Help charities.GO MAKE A FAMILY. I have another career, in business. Doing very well. Wrestling is not everything. I learned this. if you hold a grudge from 12 years ago and you do a shoot interview, thank you, for making me important and the fact that you could never beat me, much less hang with me. Get over it. I bad mouth no one. Shit people say today, and I dont even talk in the wrestling circles with marks or no one in specific, Kiss my ass. If you had a set when you were in the ring with me, you would have done your business, But, YOU DID NOT HAVE THE BALLS. I am sorry to say this on here, but some people are just assholes in life and live on the internet. Good nite.

For those wondering, Big Vito is now working as a car salesman at a Chrysler dealership in Coatesville, Pennsylvania. The dealership has actually released a new “promotional poster” which says “Help Us Welcome Our New Sales Associate…. Former WWE, TNA, WCW and ECW superstar Big Vito”. If you’re interested, you can click here to view it.

You can also find the car dealership website at

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