Big Vito Still Ranting On WWE’s Turkey List


In Your Head Wrestling interviewed Big Vito about him being on the WWE Turkey List, how Joey Styles has changed recently and how he is responsible for Vince Russo getting into wrestling.


About the WWE Turkey List: Vito thought WWE insulted him by putting him on this list and how his family was very upset about the mention. He also asked how they can post an article insulting people when the company is part of the “Be a Star” program.

About John Laurinaitis releasing him: Vito says that John was in the WWE when he was hired and fired. He was given his release because of the usual “creative have nothing for you,” when he was in developmental working on a Muay Thai gimmick and was preparing for a return to TV.

About the dress gimmick: Vito was asked if he preferred the Italian tough guy gimmick or the tough guy in a dress gimmick. Vito prefers the dress since it allowed him to be more creative. He still enjoys doing it today.

About his relationship with Joey Styles: Vito says that he has tried to call Styles several times, but has not gotten a response. He claims Joey has changed recently and he doesn’t know where he stands with him.

About Vince Russo: Vito talks about how he and Vince Russo did a radio show together before Russo went to work for WWE Magazine. Vito takes credit for talking him into applying for the job.

Vito can be followed on Twitter at @teamnv.

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