Big WrestleReunion Updates, The Rock’s Movie, Miz


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

— Sky News Radio has an interview up with the Miz.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, which stars the Rock, was #2 for this weekend in its debut in Australia doing $1,908,651.

— Dick Beyer, Mando Guerrero, Jack Armstrong, Tony Rocco, El Negro, Pepper Martin, Jeff Walton, Billy Rogers, John Birch, Rock Riddle, Art Mihalik, Superstar Graham, the sons of the Torres Brothers, as well as photographers Theo Ehret and Dan Westbrook were in attendance at the Southern California history seminar at WrestleReunion in Los Angeles.

— Miguel Alonso, who was in a horrible auto accident a few days ago, left a hospital in Oceanside and insisted on coming, came, in a wheelchair.

— Billy Graham gave a long anti-Vince speech and talked about the start of his career as a tag team partner of Dr. Jerry Graham.

— Dick Beyer and Rock Riddle reportedly stole the show with their speeches.

— Here are the results from the lady’s afternoon show from yesterday at WrestleReunion…

* Sassy Stephie defeated Divina Rose

* Fantasia defeated Buggy Nova

* Angel Orsini & Amber O’Neal defeated Shelly Martinez & Cookie

— Verne Gagne is scheduled to at a showing of the original movie The Wrestler along with his son Greg. Gagne cannot speak, nor can he sign autographs at the event. Gagne does enjoy being in public, recognizes himself in the film and can pose for photos.

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