Bill Apter On Brock Lesnar Being A Part-Timer & What He Thinks Will Happen If Lesnar Loses The Universal Title At SummerSlam


Legendary pro-wrestling journalist Bill Apter, recently spoke with Chris Featherstone of the Pancakes And Powerslams podcast. During the interview, Apter spoke on the current news surrounding the WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar; Lesnar being a part-timer & his “threat” to leave WWE if he loses his title at SummerSlam.

Here are the highlights:

Bill Apter On Brock Lesnar Being A Part-Timer:

“I think if we had a steady diet of someone, even the quality of Brock Lesnar, week after week after week, it sort of loses the luster in a way. He’s become a special attraction that we want to see because there’s still a fear about him. We don’t know what he’s gonna do when he comes out, we don’t know when he’s gonna show up. So, he’s got that great factor going about him. So, if he’s gonna leave WWE, which is a possibility, it’s because he’s run the course of this particular program.”

What Will Happen If Brock Lesnar Loses The WWE Universal Title:

“But that doesn’t mean that either a short time or a long time afterwards, he can make money with [WWE] and they can make money with him, that he wouldn’t come back. So, the end of a run, I mean, let’s take a break. Look at the end of a run with The Undertaker. [He] came back over and over again, they come back. I don’t think if Brock Lesnar loses at SummerSlam, I don’t think it’s going to hurt him to come back to the WWE. There’s always someone out there saying that they could have beaten Brock Lesnar and that he could show up the next week.”



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