Bill Apter Says Goldberg vs. Lesnar Was A Shocker


Bill Apter talked about the main event of Survivor Series on this week’s episode of his Is Wrestling Fixed? podcast, and a couple of the highlights are below….

On his reaction to the match: “It was such a shock. This was an equal shock to Brock killing off the streak of the Undertaker. Who would have thought that Goldberg would have cut off the streak of Brock Lesnar? He had a streak of destroying everybody. I was very worried about how Goldberg would be able to do. He’s not “Oldberg” he’s “Goldberg”. I was really concerned about no matter what this is how he was going to take like twenty suplexes even though he was in good shape. The question is… you’re older. That’s what it is. For whatever reason they did what they did. It came across like a legit fight. Brock Lesnar has not come out and said anything at all. Neither has Paul Heyman.”

On if there were ever a main event from the ’60s through the ’80s that was similar: “Oh yeah. We’ll go back to when I was a teenager when Bruno Sammartino beat Nature Boy Buddy Rogers in less than a minute. That was incredible. Everyone was totally shocked. For all the years covering the business sometimes things are predictable. We all had our predictions out there as to what was going to happen. If you went to grab a soda when the bell rang and you came back it was over already.”

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