​Bill DeMott Says He’s Considering Running For Public Office To Change The Current DUI Laws


Bill DeMott says that he is considering running for office this year in order to strengthen DUI laws. The former NXT head trainer told Pro Wrestling Sheets that he believes DUI laws are too loose and would run for office if he needs to.

DeMott’s daughter Keri Anne was killed in October after being hit by a drunk driver who had veered onto the opposite side of the road. The court case has just begun.

DeMott said, “I’m no politician. I’ve never claimed to be. I don’t aspire to be one. But I will become a politician, I will run for office, if that’s what’s needed. My voice needs to be heard because my daughter’s life meant more than a 15 year sentence in prison for multiple offender of DUIs.”

He added abvout the case, “I’m not sure how it will turn out, but I’m gonna stir the pot and I’m gonna bring attention to the state of Florida. The DUI laws need to be changed and Keri Anne DeMott matters! My family needs to be protected, my daughter needs to be more than a statistic, and something has to change.”

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