​Bill Eadie Discusses “Demolition” & Their Look, Finding The Right Manager, “WWF” & More


During a recent interview with the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Bill Eadie discussed Demolition and their look, the original “WWF” plans for the tag-team and more. Here are some highlights”

On being approached with the Demolition character: “Barry (Smash) wasn’t in the picture yet and they had approached me with a couple of people and I just thought it wouldn’t work with the guys that they had suggested and not because of their talent but due to their identity. The thing the people didn’t know about me unless they guessed is that they had no facial recognition because until that time I always had the mask on. I had taken one of the partners that they suggested and we did do it for two matches with Randy Culley (who was a Moondog) but he was recognizable. I asked Vince that if you think it’s going to work, it’s not going to work if people recognize a guy that you just “re-do” who has been there three or four years as another character and paint his face. Randy was nice enough to step aside and they gave me the option of selecting a partner. So I met with Barry at a restaurant in Charlotte. I knew of him but I didn’t know him and after I told the office I found a guy who I th ink would work and there we were.”

On the original plan for his return to the WWF in 1986: “Originally when I went back up to the WWF and I wasn’t real keen on it but Andre (The Giant) had asked me to do it and if you remember just before we did the Demolition we did the Strong Machines. Andre was getting ready to make the movie The Princess Bride and we had done that character as just a lark in Japan because The Machines were a heel team and they had left and jumped to Baba’s group from Inoki so they wanted to put a roadblock in their success. Andre wanted me to come in and I wasn’t interested in going back into New York to be honest. I was just going to come back (into the States) and do Georgia and go back to Japan, so I went back up as a favor to him and that morphed into when Andre did go off and film the movie we had to figure out something to do so they brought (Blackjack) Mulligan in but we all knew that it was a short term gimmick.”

On Demolition’s look and finding the right manager: “When I envisioned what it would do I knew it was going to work. At first they gave us Jimmy Valiant as a manager and that was not going to work and it’s not anything against Jimmy but Jimmy is a cartoon character. We would be doing a serious interview and he’d come out of left field with some hair-brain joke and when you don’t have that persona that the Demoltion had with the Heavy Metal and the spikes you can’t have a cartoon guy as your manager. When we looked around and saw someone as vicious as us, there was (Mr.) Fuji. Fuji was well known enough as a devious manager that the main thing with Fuji was that he wasn’t concerned with getting himself over, he wanted to get the Demolition over. So consequently when he did something it looked more devious and people thought that he’s been planning that the whole time.”

On the Demolition theme song: “It’s funny we just did an autograph signing in Indiana and Jimmy Hart was there and we were reminiscing about the old days and it was Jimmy who wrote that, Rick Derringer just sang it. Jimmy had given us a rough demo tape one night at Madison Square Garden and we loved it from when we first heard it. I think it matched our character to a T.”

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