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News​Bill Goldberg Claims He Never Used His Power In WCW Maliciously, Reveals...

​Bill Goldberg Claims He Never Used His Power In WCW Maliciously, Reveals Why He Left WWE



Former WWE and WCW Superstar Bill Goldberg recently appeared on “The Steve Austin Show” podcast and discussed the rumors that he was difficult to work with in WCW, the reason he left WWE and more. Here are some highlights courtesy of the Inquistr:

On the talk of him being difficult to work with in WCW: “I had a lot of power, quote-unquote, in WCW at one point … I always felt bad about guys who had been in the business for twenty fu–ing years and they’re jumping off a building for twenty bucks, and here comes Goldberg six months into the business, and I got the fu–ing belt, and I’m making whatever. So as a businessman if I had no fu–ing heart then I wouldn’t have given a sh-t and I would have said, ‘You know what, my bank account is getting huge, f–k these other schmucks, put ’em in the backseat and who cares about them.’ But I cared. Bobby Eaton, I wanted to put Bobby Eaton over in his hometown on his birthday in a dark match during my streak. They wouldn’t let me do it. Nobody fu–ing tells you about that fu–ing story. But it’s always, ‘Goldberg, he was selfish, he was this-and-that’ … At the end of the day I had power at times and I never used it maliciously.”

On the reason he left WWE: “Up in the WWE I always felt there was something fighting against me … It turned out to not be very much fun for me.”

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