Bill Goldberg Speaks Out On What His Current Relationship With Chris Jericho Is After Their Fight


The Phoenix New Times recently interviewed Goldberg, who was promoting his upcoming appearance at the Clickjab Wrestling Fanfest this weekend. Below are some highlights:

Goldberg on his podcast: “I just think the reality is, I’m asking every one of ‘em about wrestling, you know? So as to educate them as to most of the people who are listening to me. But again, I’m not trying to be a dick and I’m not trying to turn my back on the fans, I’m just trying to give them something different. Because there are already four or five or 60 wrestlers doing podcasts.

“And as much as I dislike [Chris] Jericho at times, he’s expanded his horizons on his podcast. He’s pretty eclectic at who he has on as a guest. And I believe that’s an integral part of having a successful business venture is being able to pull from all demographics, not just one. So the wrestling community is absolutely gigantic, and I just want to do something different, man.”

Goldberg on if he would have Chris Jericho on his podcast show: “Absolutely. Why not? We’ll do a co-promoted podcast where it should be aired on both simultaneously. Yeah. No big deal. I’m 47 years old, man, I don’t hold grudges with people. If he’s got a problem with me, say it to my face. Other than that, shut up, you know?”

On Jericho’s claim on Twitter that Goldberg is his “bro”: “Yeah, that’s how I feel too, man. And I very much appreciate him saying that. Until I talk to him face-to-face, which I haven’t done since the B.S. went down years ago, which…it was ridiculous. It was the furthest thing from a fight that I think I’ve ever seen. But he knows the truth and I know the truth, and the reality is we’re grown men, dude, we’ve got bigger and better things to do than [dwell] on a ridiculous little subject that people seem to bring up every couple minutes.

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