Tuesday, May 21, 2024
NewsBillie Kay Comments On Coming Up With Her ‘Resume’ Gimmick

Billie Kay Comments On Coming Up With Her ‘Resume’ Gimmick



During a recent interview with “The Run-In” for BT Sport, WWE Superstar Billie Kay said she came up with her resume gimmick. She said,

“I think it was my first promo on SmackDown since being drafted? I handed my resume to Mr [Adam] Pearce. Lovely gentlemen. And afterwards, I was kind of like…it was like a light bulb went on, and I was just like, ‘oh, I think this could be a thing? Seeing the love and support that I got? I was like, ‘Thank you!’ It just…it really did like make me feel like I was supposed to be doing what I was doing.”

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