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Billie Kay Comments On Her Storyline With The Riott Squad, Talks Royal Rumble



During last week’s episode of WWE’s “The Bump”, Billie Kay commented on her storyline with The Riott Squad, the Royal Rumble pay-per-view event, and more. You can check out some highlights from the match below:

On if she’s having discussions on managing The Riott Squad: “Well, they has been a couple of tweets. Have I sent most of the new text messages? The answer would be yes. Have I gotten a reply for most of those texts? The answer would be no. I see what The Riott Squad are trying to do. They’re trying to play hard to get, but I’m up for the challenge. And like I said, I’m just here to offer my services and guidance to whoever needs it. So, I’m confident they might write back, and Friday night on Smackdown, you might see something happen.”

On what she’s looking for from a headshot or resume for potential partners: “Very good question. I do like that journalism there. I look for a multiple of things, okay? First of all, I look to see the whole package in front of me. They’ve got to have the look, they’ve got to have the attitude, they’ve got to know what they want, and more importantly, they have to be a Billie Kay fan. First and foremost.”

On possibly winning the Royal Rumble this year: “You are correct, sir. Wow! Imagine typing that up to the resume, ‘2021 Women’s Royal Rumble Winner.’ I mean, woohoo! I would love that. That’s a dream come true right there. That’s on the ole bucket list. So, this year might be the year that Billie Kay wins the Royal Rumble. Oooh! I’ll put that in the biggest font on the resume in bold, underline it too.”

On her former tag team partner Peyton Royce teaming up with Lacey Evans and picking up a win: “First off, what a massive win for them. They beat the tag team champions on Raw on Monday. So, I was watching, and I was cheering Peyton on. The IIconics is still such a soft spot for me, but I will always, always, always be there for Peyton and be her biggest supporter. She’s found, you know, a new partner with Lacey Evans. Let’s be honest, Lacey is a little bit of a nut. She’s a little bit out there, but then again, you need that contrast in a tag team. But as long as she treats my darling Peyton right, I’m all for them going as far as they can as a tag team.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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