Billy Corgan Shares The Biggest Lessons He Learned From Time With TNA


NWA President Billy Corgan’s time with TNA/Impact Wrestling may have been brief, but it did give the Smashing Pumpkins star a valuable education.

In 2016, Corgan failed to gain ownership of TNA, a process that would see him file a restraining order against Dixie Carter and sue her and other executives.


Corgan claimed that he had given TNA, who were finally struggling, three loans, with the third on the proviso that he would gain control of the company should it become insolvent.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “Insight with Chris Van Vliet” podcast, Corgan recalled the education he received from his brief time with TNA. He said,

“As much as it was a crazy legal thing, I got a free education in how to run a wrestling company.

“The most valuable asset I learned was learning how to shoot the promos and produce segments which allowed me access to deal with talent more behind the scenes and getting inside character and how character animates in-ring product.”

A year after his lawsuit against TNA was dismissed, Corgan would revive the NWA which he still operates to this day.

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