Billy Graham Health Update + Today’s Wrestling Birthdays


— Jon Hugger, who wrestled as Johnny The Bull, Johnny Stamboli, and Rellik (which is killer spelled backwards), turned 36 years old on Saturday.

— Curt Hawkins turned 28 years old on Saturday.

— Ed Leslie turned 55 years old on Sunday.

Ezekiel Jackson turns 35 years old today.

— There are no pro wrestling shows listed for ESPN Classic tonight.

— Scott Epstein (who represents Superstar Billy Graham) issued the following statement today…

“Everyone please pray big time as his lab results from earlier today show he is malnourished thus they are putting in a PIC line in his arm so he can be given IV nutrients 24/7. Doctors are having difficulty stabilizing his blood sugar, he keeps dropping so low according to his wife that he is very very weak.

He does have an obstruction of some sort in his bowel or colon area and they are trying to clear it. If it doesn’t clear soon, this is day 8 in a Wyoming hospital, they are talking about surgery which is a last resort of course. Surgery would mean losing part or most of your colon, side effects from anaesthea especially when your immune system is so weak, and/or bleeding out as his 10 year old transplanted liver is in cirrosis stage, something that is very normal for a liver that old transplanted no matter how well you watch yourself.

The bills are mounting and thanks to a great fan who turned me on to a fundraising site we are trying to raise funds for Billy.

If anyone is interested in donating, you can find full details at this link.”

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