Billy Graham Questions WWE’s Statement About Triple H Surgery


Triple H recently had a heart procedure after suffering a cardiac event, caused by a genetic heart issue. In a post on Facebook, ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham questioned the ‘mystery’ of the report sent out by WWE: 

HHH Has Heart Surgery

Hi fans, as you can see by reading this WWE official press release, HHH, some days ago had a heart “procedure” done and is expected to make a full recovery. The problem for us fans and me as a personal friend of H, we don’t have a clue as to what exactly the heart “procedure” was and what the doctors did during this “procedure”. I am asking this question…” why all of the mystery “? Compare this statement to the full disclosure of the two operations my friend Arnold Schwarzenegger had and his statement on his Instagram account as follows. ” Thanks to the team at the Cleveland Clinic, I have a new aortic valve to go along with my new pulmonary valve from my last surgery. I feel fantastic ! ”

I told the world I had a liver transplant and everything in between including a partial big toe amputation. Is it just the nature of the sordid business of pro wrestling to lie and deceive? I honestly would like to know exactly what kind of procedure HHH had ? I don’t believe for one minute that is asking for too much. If Arnold can tell the world about his surgeries, why can’t The WWE or HHH? Peace…Superstar Billy Graham.”

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