Billy Gunn Becomes Upset When Asked About His Firing From WWE, Talks Failed Single Run, Chyna & More


Former WWE superstar Billy Gunn recently spoke with WrestlingINC’s Andrew Khellah of the GOProWrestling YouTube Channel. During the interview, Billy Gunn became angry when he was asked about his firing from WWE. He also spoke on his “relationship” with Triple H, memories with the late-great Chyna & much more.

Here are the highlights: (video version will be down below the highlights)

The Rock’s Hollywood Success:

“The guy had it all. Did I know he would become this? No, but he had ‘it.’ When you look at people, there’s something about him whether you around him or see him and just go holy cow man that guy has everything and he has made the most of it.”

Bart Gunn Winning “Brawl For All” & Getting Set Up:

“I told everyone he was going to win it but nobody believed me. Then he got set up for the Butterbean fight. To go in and find a real fighter, what’s going to happen? Bart is not a real fighter, he’s just a real tough son of a b***h.”

Memories Of Chyna:

“I don’t give a rats ass what anybody else thinks. Don’t care, she was one of my best friends in the business other than Brian. Chyna had her thing that she did and that does not make her any less of a person than what she was, she was super awesome.”

His Failed Singes Run In 1999:

“Everybody always asks, “well don’t you wish you a world champion?” Hey, if it happened, it would’ve been great. I don’t have any complaints about my career. All I could do is when I look back, people can say I did his job and pretty good. I am not saying I was the best, but I was just good at what I did and I did my job and I could not be happy with whether it came with championships or not.”

If He Would Return To The WWE & His “Relationship” With Triple H:

“Sure I would. I love coaching. I had a great relationship with almost everybody in the Performance Center. Define relationship? No, no, no. I text him and his secretary texts me back. But that is all good. He is a busy guy.”

Ripping Into ZZ On “Tough Enough”:

“It is not that I did not like ZZ, I love ZZ. He is an awesome kid he is just lazy and I hate lazy. The only one that is allowed to be lazy is me. I think it was just a miscommunication. At that day, at that point in time, he took me to my limit which is why I lost my cool. But, when he is just sitting in the Tough Enough house and watching TV, then that’s not putting forth an effort.”

Being Fired During His Last WWE Stint:

“It’s a secret that everybody on the planet earth knows except for you. You just wanted to ask the question that I’ve never answered and I am not going to answer it now.”

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