Bischoff Responds To Steiner + Dixie Praises Styles & Crimso


— Dixie Carter tweeted the following about AJ Styles and Crimson visiting sick kids on Friday.

“AJ and Crimson did a great job today visiting children in Nashville hospitals. They are both great ambassadors for TNA!”

She also tweeted the following about Eric Young and ODB’s wedding on iMPACT!:

“Still laughing about the most unique wrestling wedding ever! Congratulations to the newlyweds Eric Young & ODB. Is it now ODBY?”

— Garett Bischoff responded on Facebook to Scott Steiner’s shots against him about only having a cushy spot in TNA due to nepotism and not talent.

“Negative people will only try to drag you down to there negative level because they do not know how to rise up to your level! So wake up every day, put boots to ass, and achive whatever goals you have set out to achive! Aond dont let ANYONE stand in your way!”

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