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NewsBJ Whitmer Defends Mike Bennett Over ROH Injury

BJ Whitmer Defends Mike Bennett Over ROH Injury



Partial Source: Pwinsider.com

UPDATE x 7: BJ Whitmer has posted the following to Twitter, coming to Mike Bennett’s defense after fans criticized Bennett for the piledriver that left Whitmer injured at the ROH house show on Saturday:

What happened last night was an accident. It was NO ONES FAULT . Keep your head up @RealMikeBennett love ya bro

UPDATE x 6: BJ Whitmer’s CAT scan came back negative for a broken vertebrae. With that being said, he could be released from the hospital in the very near future.

UPDATE x 5: BJ Whitmer has provided an update on his condition following an injury while taking a piledriver on the ring apron during ROH’s Toronto show. Whitmer said that when he took the move that he lost feeling in his right leg and arm, with the entire right side of his body going numb. He was checked out by EMTs and Davey Richards (Richards is an EMT) and during that time he began to get feeling back in that side of his body and gave the crowd a thumbs up as he was being carried out.

Whitmer noted that tests and X-rays show noting is broken and it is currently believed that he ruptured a disc. More testing will be done today. He added that he has full feeling and movement in his back and was out of his bed under his own power this morning. He also wanted to thank the fans online for their concern.

Thank god he’s OK as there were some very scary moments last night.

ROH also released the following update on BJ Whitmer:

“@BJ_WHITMER Update – BJ has full use of his arms and legs. He is still undergoing a battery of tests but hopes to be released sometime today, tomorrow at the latest.”

UPDATE x 4: In an update on BJ Whitmer, he is still hospitalized at a local Toronto hospital and will likely be held overnight. Following the ROH event, numerous members of the ROH roster headed to the hospital to “support their brother,” according to one source. Arda Ocal also tweeted the following:

Update: BJ Whitmer got CT Scan (no results yet). In pain but is optimistic. May stay overnight. Roster members visiting, keeping him company

We’ll keep you posted but things are looking better than they did earlier. Get well soon, BJ! More updates later this AM …..

UPDATE x 3: Here is a video of the piledriver spot. Thanks to John Parrinello for passing this along:

UPDATE x 2: Arda Ocal posted a photo of the piledriver spot, which you can see below. Ocal tweeted:

Picture from @SteveTSN’s camera of piledriver on BJ Whitmer upon impact. Steve says he was moving and talking after.

UPDATE: Here is some more information on BJ Whitmer’s injury.

We’re told Whitmer was taken to a local hospital via ambulance for examination. The initial thought is that he suffered a stinger, but nothing is official.

The match was cut short after the move and Davey Richards and EMTs came out to attend to Whitmer. There were numerous people backstage who were huddled together and very nervous. Several talents got together and were praying as well. The fans in the arena were nearly silent while EMTs tended to him. It was said to have been a very scary moment.

ROH posted the following on Twitter…

We hope to have an update on @bj_whitmer shortly

— ROH Wrestling (@ringofhonor) August 4, 2013

@BJ_WHITMER UPDATE — BJ is currently undergoing tests at the moment, but does have feeling and movement in his arms and legs. We’ll (cont…

— ROH Wrestling (@ringofhonor) August 4, 2013

@BJ_WHITMER …cont) update with more information as we receive it

— ROH Wrestling (@ringofhonor) August 4, 2013

An announcement was made later during the show that Whitmer was being checked out by doctors and was said to have been “OK”. They didn’t provide much information to the live crowd.

ORIGINAL: During a match with Mike Bennett at tonight’s ROH event in Toronto, BJ Whitmer appeared to be seriously injured during a spot where Bennett gave him a piledriver on the ring apron. Here are reports from fans in attendance..

From Justin Tetreault: “BJ Whitmer just got taken out on a stretcher after taking a piledriver on the edge of the ring. They abruptly stopped the match and he got medical attention for a good 15 minutes. A few wrestlers (Brian Kendrick and Jay Lethal) came out looking really worried. It didn’t look like a work to me. They shut all the cameras off and were scrambling around trying to find the best way to take the stretcher out. Then they made an announcement that he was going to get medical attention and they would update us.”

From Mike Beauvais: “BJ Whitmer appears to have been seriously injured during a match with Michael Bennett. Bennett hit a piledriver on the apron. Backstage crew, wrestlers and medical professionals have attended to Whitmer and he’s been stretchered out. Scary stuff.”

From Wrestling Reporter Arda Ocal: “B.J. Whitmer was conscious, wiggling his fingers, gave a thumbs up while stretchered out. Security prevented fans from walking out into hallway as Whitmer was attended to there by paramedics before being taken away.”

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