BLOW Promoter Responds To Ashley Massaro’s Claims


As previously reported, Ashley Massaro took to Twitter yesterday complaining that she was removed from the BLOW event in New Jersey on Thursday. Massaro had said it was unprofessional for PWS (who own the promotion) to leave her on the flyer until a week before the show and encouraged fans to demand a refund if they bought tickets due to her appearance.

Eric Tapout, the co-owner of BLOW, sent out the following statement about the incident:

Ashley Massaro was booked on PWS’ 9/14 event. Her booking entailed valeting The Big O, doing a 50/50 gimmick split for 2 hours before show, and during intermission. Ashley was paid full upon arrival.

Her boyfriend instructed the person operating the autograph table that Ashley was to receive the first $500 collected, in addition to the flat fee she received. This was not per her agreement.

Ashley refused to sign any extra photos. She did valet The Big O, then skipped out before intermission without notifying anyone at PWS.”

Massaro said in her explanation on Twitter that she wasn’t feeling very well, but still stayed for both of her signings with The Big O before leaving. She also stated that she could not find the promoters anywhere to inform them she was leaving.

Several days later, at 3am legit, Ashley’s boyfriend (Nick, who is also her manager) texted me saying we ‘needed to talk’. Reason he gave was, ‘It was unfair that dude at the door collected $20 admission and Ashley didn’t get a cut because she’s the crowd getter’.

I responded with, ‘You do understand there were a dozen ex-WWE names on the show, Mr. Belding, and a ton of smart mark wrestlers, right?’

Her boyfriend responded with, ‘Nah, they come to see Ash’.

After a discussion with my partner, Pat Buck, the decision was reached to remove Ashley from our 10/11 Bombshell Ladies of Wrestling (BLOW) event. Ashley has since picked up a booking at NYC Comic Con, so honestly, it was a win-win for both of us.

I was appalled that she was ranting on Twitter about the situation without being honest.

For what it’s worth, many people were worried about Ashley Massaro several months ago. There have also been major substance abuse issues in the past.

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