Blue Meanie Talks Keeping The Suspension of Disbelief Alive in 2019


In a day and age where wrestling traditionalists are constantly bickering with the new faces of wrestling, ECW legend, The Blue Meanie has taken to Twitter to explain why the suspension of disbelief should still matter in 2019. Below is the full thread from Blue Meanie:

Wrestlings a 24 hr job. It’s not JUST in the ring. It’s everywhere/all the time. The business is the perception of an illusion. Fans know it’s a work. Sometimes they don’t WANT to remember.
It’s our job to not pie face them with what they know. Online carries into ring time. BIG TIME. There’s nothing wrong with talking about the inners working of the business. It’s perfectly fine because this is a business and the fans are the investors.
Fans appreciate the struggle of what we do. BUT there is a certain approach/tact in letting fans in without ruining their enthusiasm towards getting lost in the work.
What you do in the ring, do in interviews, do in your everyday life when encountering someone on the street, to everything you do on social media. It all counts and you need to be cognizant of that.
You are your own business in THIS business and you are in the business of protecting your own brand….in…..THIS……business. Pigs get fat but hogs get slaughtered. I’m tired of watching people stepping over dollars to pick up pocket change.
It’s professional wrestling so start being a fucking professional. Please?
PS. It’s funny that some people took my David Copperfield post as literally stopping during an event as in a wrestling event. The event is ALL THE TIME. All day, every day of every week, month and year. Hence me writing this thread.

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