Bo Dallas Discusses Conspiracy Theories & Reptilian People Running The World


Bo Dallas appeared on Talk is Jericho (transcript via Below are the highlights…

On Being Into Conspiracy Theories: “I’m a little bit nervous to see how everybody takes this in, from Bo Dallas. I mean, this is my first podcast and nobody has ever heard me talk outside of character or whatnot. And to hear how actually crazy I am, I’m waiting to see what really happens.” Dallas said, “even if it’s not true and you want to call me crazy, it’s funner, so much more fun to live life and question and wonder. I want to know more. If it’s not real, screw it!”

On The Lizard People: “The theory is that there was this class of not people, aliens, let’s call it a class of aliens that lived on this Earth and they moved because of the radiation in our Earth to find a better planet and they left and they left some people here, the discarded, and they are the ones that live in our Earth. The reptilian people are the higher class of people who kind of run the world.”

On Hollow Earth Theory: “I do believe in the hollow Earth theory.” Dallas continued, “there’s no proof. Nobody has drilled more than 12 miles under the Earth’s surface, so the theory that our Earth’s center is filled with molten lava, there’s nothing that backs that other than the fact that the further we go into the Earth’s surface, we get hotter. There’s nothing that tells us that we get hotter and hotter. Obviously, it’s hotter. We haven’t gone more than 12 miles into it.”

On The Reptilians Running The World: “That’s the question I need answered for myself. That’s what I want to know. Like, there [are] people who think the reptilian people are for the most part evil and they just run [the world], yeah, and there [are] others that believe that everybody has a little reptilian genetic link to them and not all of them are bad. For the most part, the reptilian people, the Illuminati, eat humans and they run the world.” Dallas added, “people don’t like to question and I do. I need to know. I don’t want to live my entire life and not know the truth.”

On The Government Holding Us back By Putting Fluoride in Our Water: “It’s dumbed down by our government, putting fluoride in our water to take this natural ability, which I believe is directly correlated with the third eye, I believe. Yeah, it’s almost a different sense that we don’t have, that I believe if we had or it wasn’t dumbed down, we’d know more of the answers of what our reality is really about and I believe it is dumbed down by the powers that be, the reptilian people, the Illuminati, whatever you want to call them. Someone’s stopping us from knowing all the answers.”

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