Bo Dallas Praises The WWE Developmental Facility & Discusses His WWE Character


Bo Dallas spoke with the Pittsburgh
about his character, his previous stint on the main roster and more. Check out
the highlights:

On the NXT
“The NXT development system and the way they prepare us is
unbelievable. If you look at the current roster, it really feels like a new

On his brief stint
in WWE a couple years back:
“I got the opportunity in NXT to win the
NXT Championship. I got a good eight months to a year. Without it, I knew I was
ready from my experience in the Royal Rumble, but goodness gracious I learned so
much more in that eight months and really developed and crafted. I’m a whole
other performer that I didn’t think was possible that I got from that

On the Bo Dallas
“It just kinda happened. It morphed into its own thing.
People reacted, and I went with it. As I went with it, it developed and grew. I
just kept on rolling with the punches and things kept happening. There was no
one moment when this character was thought of. It just developed into what it is
today, luckily.”

On how he can
“Yes, you have to evolve. That’s what I did after the 2013
Royal Rumble. In the future, who knows where that’s going to be. If something
comes along, I’ll grab it, catch it, use it and roll with it. You always have to
be open minded and see what’s in front of you. I can never forget I have to stay
relevant and come up with new things. There is no formula. I just have to keep
my eyes open and stay alert.”

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