Bo Dallas Says He’s Been Watching Tapes Of Kurt Angle To Help With His Gimmick And More


In an interview with This Is
, Bo Dallas revealed that Kurt
Angle’s early character is the one that’s the most similar to his own. Here are

On which superstars he has learned from: “Yes, Kurt Angle
is the #1 when it comes to who is most similar to what I’m doing and that’s who
I’ve looked up to a lot, and learned many things from. Honestly the other WWE
Superstar that I can say I’ve learned from was John Cena, taking his messages
and taking them to the fullest with complete positivity. Never back down, never
give up, and Bo-lieving in that and not straying from that and believing John
Cena’s messages to the fullest.”

On doing better with his main roster call-up than Adam Rose or
“Well I can’t speak for them, but for me, in NXT the Bo Dallas
character is so developed. You know everything about him, and I need people
around the world to get to know me from where I started before they can… It’s
like any relationship. You just start talking about the important things… You
get to know them, and once you get to know them you get to know a little bit
more and a little bit more, so I’ve gotta start back. It’s a new relationship.
It’s a whole new world. So I start at the beginning, and once they get to know
more about me they get to know more about me, and that continues it all. And
then at the end, they all Bo-lieve.”

On if he thinks he was ready when he originally came up in
“I do feel that I was ready at that point in time, but looking
back, after going through what I’ve gone through, I have so many more
experiences to have. Luckily I got the opportunity. So yeah, I felt more than
ready, but looking back, I’m glad that I got the opportunity to go through what
I went through because I want to be where I am today, and as comfortable and
positive as I am today.”

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