Bobby Fish Gives a Homeless Person Clothes & Food (Awesome Video), Ronda Rousey’s Latest


Ronda Rousey posted the following video to her official channel:

Bobby Fish posted the following video to his Instagram account on Tuesday, showing himself giving some clothes and food to a homeless person:

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“Connection is why we are here.. It’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.” -Brene Brown I’m learning that gratitude is not merely a random emotion that sneaks up on us when we receive something dear. It is also a skill.. And like any skill, its development requires practice. Gratitude is a prerequisite to connection. I’ve decided to practice gratitude in an effort to connect with those who may not enjoy the same choice you or I have to connect with another human being, so that they may be seen.. heard.. hugged.. fed.. clothed.. LOVED.. during this holiday season. I ask you to join me in this effort. Whether you read this here in the US or on the other side of the planet.. Step out and be the difference you wish to see in our world!• • • #ReachBack #SpeadingHappiness #HelpHomeless #Hope #Love #OneHappyWorld #OrlandoStongerTogether #LoveOneAnother #GiveYourTime #SpreadLove #CharityWork #Volunteer #Thankful #Shear #Donate #WeAreUndisputed #OurEra

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