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NewsBobby Fish Reveals The Origins Of The Undisputed Era, More

Bobby Fish Reveals The Origins Of The Undisputed Era, More



During a recent appearance on the “MCW Backstage Pass” podcast, former WWE and AEW wrestler Bobby Fish commented on the origins of the Undisputed Era in NXT, Roderick Strong being added to the faction, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On how the group came together: “Kyle, Adam, and I were all kind of coming into the company at the same time. Kyle and I were known for tagging together, but at that time we we weren’t doing that exclusively. Roddy was already in the company and had his own thing going, and then Adam was coming in as well. And so, the original group was the three of us — Kyle, Adam and I. But we had no idea that that was gonna be an option, so if you had said to us like, ‘Okay you can pick whatever you want to be; what is it?,’ we probably would have said that but with the expectation that it never, you know, ‘You’re not gonna give us that.’ So when they went that way it was a wonderful surprise.”

On Strong being added to the group: “And then I tore my ACL — I don’t remember when exactly chronologically. But when that happened, the discussion was, ‘Okay, well we might add somebody so that you guys can just keep rolling.’ And then I would do my rehab and everything and I’d still be in the picture, but they could have somebody to go out there and perform. And we had joked like, ‘Well, yeah, the only person that could be is Roddy.’ But we didn’t know that’s what they would do because he was one of our opponents in the first WarGames. So for then to add Roddy, it was just again, another one of those kind of surreal like, ‘Okay, tell us this is a joke, please.’”

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