Bobby Fish Speaks On Kyle O’Reilly Leaving ROH, Carrying The Company, More


Bobby Fish spoke to USA Today’s “For The Win” section to promote ROH’s Manhattan Mayhem event. Here are the highlights.

On Kyle O’Reilly leaving ROH:

“We’ve always been in contact about every move he or I have made or have not made between myself, Kyle and and George Carroll (a former Ring of Honor executive who now is with New Japan). The three of us have operated as a trio, as a think tank when it came to anything he or I were doing. I’ve been pretty aware of everything each step of the way. He could say the thing for me. I wasn’t surprised, but understand that we were all on the same page when the decisions that have been made were made. But I also will say that all the decisions haven’t been made. We’ve made some early decisions and now here we are.”

On carrying ROH:

“I don’t think when I started working for Ring of Honor (in 2004), anyone thought this guy is going to wear our world title at some point. They thought they were getting a good hand and rightfully so. I think in my time with Ring of Honor and in New Japan for the last three to four years, I’ve proven that I’m much more than that. I can carry a company and I can be the man, but somebody has to pull that trigger. They’ve been reluctant to pull that trigger. In a way, I am the guy who was never supposed to be here. The world title wasn’t supposed to mine. Whether anyone likes it or not, on March 4, that is exactly what’s going to transpire.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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