Bobby Lashley Comments On His Working Relationship With Vince McMahon & More


WWE Champion Bobby Lashley was interviewed by Fightful where he commented on his working relationship with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, among other topics. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On if anyone has tried to test against him in the ring: “In the ring, no. There are a lot of times where people subtly test you and you think ‘Are you?,’ and then it’s gone. They don’t really set it in to the point where it’s like ‘Okay, I’ll let this go.’ I did have an opportunity to roll with Riddle and other guys. These guys have skill. I don’t think anyone is at the point of testing me to where I’m firing back 100.”

On Vince McMahon’s habit of shooting on wrestlers in the past: “No [Vince has never shot on me]. He’ll try to work a clinch and get a quick one. He’s good at pummeling. He knows how to get in there.”

On his relationship with McMahon after he left WWE: “I was heavily [into MMA] but there were times when Vince would reach out to me and send a text here and there. We’ve always had that common bond and mentality of working out. He would come down to Denver and be like, ‘I’ll be in Denver, we have to get a workout in.’ We never really did, but it was a running joke and a possibility that we’ve talked about a few times. It wasn’t one of those things where we talked consistently, just a few text messages over the ten or eleven years I was gone.”

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