​Bobby Lashley Discusses Friday’s Bellator 123 Event, SpikeTV/TNA Issues & More


TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley spoke to “The MMA Report” to
promote Friday’s Bellator 123 event on Spike TV. Here are some

His deal with Bellator:
“I’m signed
right now for a handful of fights, and that was before Coker even came on. And
now that Coker came on, we’ll probably end up doing those fights fairly quickly
and renewing it. I don’t have too much time left in the game, but while I’m here
I want to make a big impact. I don’t think the amount of fights that I signed
for is going to give me an opportunity to do everything that I want to do, so
I’m going to blaze through those fights quickly — maybe every other month if I
can stay healthy — then hopefully I can sign on for more and really make a big
statement, as I have my last run.”

TNA’s situation with Spike

“When I signed my contract, there was nothing in my contract
saying negotiations for a TV deal or anything like that. All they said was ‘Sign
and you can go out and perform’ — and that’s what I do. I think social media is
so big right now, that a lot of stuff is out there and people are hearing what’s
going on behind the scenes with the negotiations between Dixie and Spike, or
Dixie and whoever else. Those things are more prevalent now. Before, it happened
like that every two to four years when they go back to the negotiation table,
but now that social media is big and it got leaked out, now everybody is like
‘Oh no, are they going to lose their deal?’

I don’t think we’re going
anywhere. The ratings have been phenomenal and are going up every week, so I
don’t think Spike is going to get rid of TNA. If they got rid of TNA it wouldn’t
make any sense unless they’re going to bring something bigger on there. And
right now I think TNA is the greatest thing that they have going for them, with
the exception of Bellator. So I’m not even worried about it. I think it’s all
going to hash out by the end of the year. We’re going to get that deal signed,
and we’re probably going to stay with Spike.”

If he’s having the
best run of his career as TNA World Heavyweight Champion:

“I don’t
know if it would be the best run, because I don’t know how you measure that. If
you measure it by money, maybe not. If you measure it by fun, maybe so. I have a
great time with MVP and Kenny King. We have a little bit of creative freedom to
do what we want to do at times, and I think that things are going well. I think
my in-ring ability has improved a lot more. I did a lot of independent stuff and
I had an opportunity to work with a lot of guys out there, so I think just
working with some of these guys in TNA — they have an amazing talent pool. Eric
Young is phenomenal, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries…..every time I get in the ring
with those guys, it’s almost like magic. We have so many people that I’m still
excited to go with. So I don’t know if it’s the biggest boost of my career,
because the stage isn’t as big as WWE is, but as far as fun, knowledge and being
able to work with some great people….yeah, it’s a great time.”  

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