High Standard Bobby Lashley
via: WrestlingWorld

Bobby Lashley Injury Update Following Monday Night RAW


On the latest episode of Monday Night RAW, Bobby Lashley was cashed-in on by Big E, losing his WWE Championship in the process. This came after Lashley faced, and defeated Randy Orton.

During the Orton match, Lashley appeared to be dealing with an issue in one of his knees. This continued to be an issue for Lashley till the end of the match as well as in the following contest against Big E.

A new report from PWInsider has clarified that Bobby Lashley’s knee is in fact “100% fine”, and it was just a matter of Lashley convincingly selling his kayfabe injury. Lashley’s ability to sell the injury in such a fashion, as well as his performance in back-to-back matches, is said to have gained him a great deal of praise backstage.

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