Bobby Lashley Says Match With Lesnar Will Happen, Neville Shows Off INSANE New Physique


Bobby Lashley vs Brock Lesnar would be a match featuring two former MMA standouts, multiple world championships, and two of WWE’s biggest powerhouses. While recently being interviewed by SportsBible Lashley commented on how badly he wants the match with Lesnar to happen, as well as sharing his belief that it will happen one day.

“I can post anything on social media and the people will reply we wanna see you and Brock, it’s something that has been building for the last 10 years so eventually it’s gonna happen because the fans want it to happen that bad.”


Lashley is right that the majority of fans would be at least interested in this match, and I do believe it will one day happen.

Secondly, since leaving the WWE, Neville has had nothing but time on his hands due to his “no compete” clause on all WWE contracts. He recently began competing in the squared circle again which has been great for fans, but it looks like Neville didn’t spend any of that free time relaxing. The former Cruiserweight champion has a new scary looking physique as seen below.

Neville took to Twitter to show off his new physique, which is quite frankly, pretty scary. He’s always been in great shape, but now he has virtually no body fat and one of the most defined six packs I’ve ever seen.

Would you want to see Lesnar vs Lashley? How to you feel about Neville’s more defined physique? Sound off in the comments below.

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