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NewsBobby Lashley Speaks On The Backstage Feel Since Anthem Has Taken Over,...

Bobby Lashley Speaks On The Backstage Feel Since Anthem Has Taken Over, His Favorite Opponents & More



Current Impact Wrestling World Champion Bobby Lashley talked with SportsKeeda recently about his thoughts on working with Donald Trump, the feel backstage now that Anthem Sports is the new management in Impact Wrestling & some of his favorite opponents during his time in Impact Wrestling.

Here are the highlights:

Thoughts On Working With Donald Trump:

“The only personal opinion I have of Donald Trump is that he worked really well with us. He understood what it was about. He didn’t try to push his weigh in there, he treated me with a lot of respect and he treated everyone else with a lot of respect and because of that, that match came out as one of my best matches and one of the most memorable in WrestleMania history. I have nothing but good things to say about him.”

His Favorite Opponents In Impact Wrestling:

“I gotta say, Eddie Edwards was one of them, Kurt Angle was also a huge one, then there was Bobby Roode. We had some great matches, I can’t name just one person. As I look around this room I see so many great guys I’ve been in the ring with, there are so many great people. But, I definitely single out Eddie Edwards, Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode. Moose was also great, Chris Adonis is a huge addition to Impact and the opportunity to face him is great too.”

What Backstage Has Been Like Since Anthem Sports Has Taken Over:

“We’ve always been a tight group. The management has changed but we’ve always done the same thing. We’ve never skipped beat, we’ve had a little bit of trouble here and there back in the past but we’ve had bad times and good times but the one thing that remained constant was how hard we worked.”

“Even when we had trouble with any kind of thing backstage, we’d always get out there and put the best shows on every single time. That’s what we’re all about. We don’t really care who is managing or who owns it, we know that we have a show to put on and we put on the best product that anyone puts on.”




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