Bobby Lashley Talks The Hurt Business Reforming, Dropping The WWE Title To Big E.


Bobby Lashley did an interview with TalkSport to discuss a wide range of topics while on the recent WWE UK tour. Here are the highlights: 

The Hurt Business reforming:

“We just need to have a little group discussion. Before, when the group first formed, We went and had meals and drinks after every show at a local bar. Strategising over chicken wings and a beer. 

“To me, that was some of the best times of my career. Because these guys are actually my friends. I like these guys, I want to be around these guys, I talk to these guys. 

“I want us to be successful and together. The crowd felt it, knew it was real and really behind it.”

If The Hurt Business reunion will be explained:

“Have you got a brother or sister? A lot of the time when you have brothers, you have fights and you’re so mad, but the next thing you know, you’re back hanging and playing. Nobody asks ‘How did you guys get back together!’ It’s just like that. 

“I have friends that I consider my brothers. The Boogeyman is one of those – really hope he comes back sometime. He and I will fight like ‘man, I don’t want to talk to you!’ we go off in a rage. Next day it’s like ‘hey man, you ready to go work out? Yeah, f*** you too’ [laughs] then we go work out! 

“So it’s kind of the same thing; brothers have little arguments and that, but we get back together.”

Dropping the WWE Title to Big E:

“It felt great to drop it to Big E. There’s a few guys who just need a push and during my time as champion, I was trying to help out a lot of guys. Like Riddle and [Xavier] Woods, look what they’ve done afterwards. It helped elevate them and that’s what I tried to do.

“When I came back, I wanted the title, but I wanted to be that guy. When I started out, I had Booker T, Big Show, JBL, Undertaker, Finlay and all these guys that wanted to work with me and help me. 

“It’s all about respect and that’s what I want to do with a lot of these young guys coming up. We have some superstars coming up, some of the guys in NXT too, that have got it. 

“Just to be in the ring with me will help them. I’ll beat them, but they’ll be alright! [laughs].”

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