Bobby Roode Pitches For EC3 To Be On WWE Raw Brand


WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Bobby Roode was recently interviewed by Sportskeeda to talk about a wide range of topics including the reaction by the locker room to Roman Reigns’ leukemia announcement and which brand he thinks EC3 should be featured on. Here are the highlights:

What do you think of EC3’s arrival to the main roster and which brand should be debut on?

“He’s an incredible talent and a guy that can be extremely entertaining. You know, I’d love to see him on Monday Night RAW. Why not? He can be an entertaining piece of the puzzle and have some great matches with the RAW locker room. I’m happy for him and would like to see him come up soon.”

What was the atmosphere like backstage when Roman Reigns announced to the world that he had leukaemia? And when did you find out about it?

“I think, like everybody else, I found out when he was in the ring. It was sad. It was an emotional time for WWE and the WWE universe. Definitely a lot of shock and surprise and sadness for sure. We have to keep Roman in our prayers, in our thoughts and hopefully, we’ll see him coming back soon.”

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