Bobby Roode Says There Are Lots Of Changes Going On In TNA


TNA Wrestler, Bobby Roode spoke with GiveMeSport.comabout several changes in TNA and Kurt Angle. Check out the highlights down below:

Are there any changes in the company? “There are a lot of changes going on right now,” he explained.

“I believe these changes have been a good thing. Lockdown was a really solid pay-per-view event and TNA is moving in a positive direction.”

His feud with Kurt Angle: “Kurt was a guy that I wanted to wrestle against for a very long time. To me, Kurt’s possibly the greatest professional wrestler that’s ever been in this business. “He’s a little older now, a little bit worn down, but Kurt Angle is Kurt Angle and he’ll go out there every single night and outperform everybody.“I knew I had my hands full, I knew I had to go out there and I had to step up and bring myself up to a Kurt Angle level. I think I did that and he and I had some great matches.

“I was disappointed with the way it ended. I was hoping that we could continue on and have at least one more match together. We were both hoping that we would have an Iron Man match, but with his knee injury it just didn’t happen. Hopefully it will happen somewhere down the road.”

Not being in the main event spotlight lately: “There’s obviously going to be some answers I have to find out from Bully Ray,” said Roode. “I think that’s priority number one – settling the score with Bully and finding out where this has all come from.“I have a lot of respect for Bully [off-screen]. As two former World Champions and guys that have helped carry this company for a long while, I think that when we clash, there’s going to be some very entertaining matches and a very entertaining storyline, so I’m looking forward to it.”

Working with a Japanese company and exchanging talents: “For me personally, it’s extremely exciting,” Roode explained. “I’m a huge fan of Japanese wrestling, the culture, the wrestling fans, and the style of wrestling over there.” “I had the opportunity to go over there and be a part of the first show that we did together a couple of weeks ago, in Tokyo. It was a lot of fun and I think it was great for both companies. I think moving forward, it’s going to be a very positive thing.

“Sanada, our current X Division Champion, is super talented and a guy that the North American wrestling fans, and the fans all over the world, including in the UK, are going to find very exciting and a guy they’re going to want to get behind and cheer for. He brings a different style, he’s very innovative, and I think he’s got a very big future here.”

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