Bobby Roode Speaks On Tye Dillinger At NXT Takeover: Toronto, Triple H, More


Bobby Roode recently spoke with to promote NXT Takeover: Toronto. Here are the highlights.

On facing Tye Dillinger:

“This is the biggest match of Tye’s career, but he has to remember who he’s in the ring with,” said Roode. “I’m almost a twenty-year veteran, and I’ve been in the ring with a lot of the top stars that this business has ever had to offer. I know this is my hometown of Toronto, but I’m going to treat TakeOver: Toronto like it’s another night at the office. I’m going to prove why I am one of the best in the world.” Tye’s character makes him unique,” said Roode. “It’s always a pleasure to be in the ring with a guy who has character and can get that reaction from the crowd. This Saturday night is going to be an opportunity for two local guys that grew up within hours of the Air Canada Centre. Toronto was really the mecca of sports entertainment for Canadians. You’d go to Maple Leafs Garden and watch all the big events. The Air Canada Centre has now taken Maple Leafs Garden’s spot, so this match is pretty special. Tye has been around for a long time, but we’ve never crossed paths to this point. He’s looking forward to Takeover, and I know I am, too. Tye is going to have his hands full.”

On Triple H:

“Triple H is very hands-on and approachable,” said Roode. “My whole ‘Glorious’ song is because of Triple H. Before I even signed my contract, we discussed what I wanted to do and what he felt like I could do. It’s been a real joy working for him. There were nerves, but at the same time, I was confident. All I wanted was an opportunity. Triple H was willing to give me that opportunity. Here I am, six months after I signed my contract, and I’m now a part of my second Takeover and in my hometown – and it’s been a lot of fun.”

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