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Booker T Comments On The Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso Feud, & More


During a recent episode of “The Hall of Fame” podcast, Booker T commented on Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso at WWE Hell in a Cell, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On the Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso match at WWE Hell in a Cell: “It was beautiful. It really was. It wasn’t anything at a fast pace or anything like that, and I wondered about that much being the first match out…..I was surprised for a second, and then once I started watching the match, I got more and more invested in seeing why they put that match out there first just because it was an I Quit Match. It’s not one of those matches where you can go out there spot for spot or anything like that. It has to be like a good steak – after you tenderize it, you want it to marinate. That’s what we had in that match more than anything. It was tenderized perfectly, and then, it was marinated for the perfect time before we all sat down and cut into it and like ‘Oh my god, this is good.’ That’s what I appreciated about the Roman and Jey match more than anything.”

On the storytelling of the match and why it works: “I thought it was great storytelling. It got to your heart, it pulled on your stings, and made you go ‘Wow, man, this is pretty good.’ It actually had a feel of what wrestling – the way I always watched it and loved watching it – it made me feel that way. It really did. I was like ‘This is old school, this is a throwback.’ I was talking to these kids about what you do before and what you do after. Everything that was going on, it was always what would happen before and what would happen after what Roman said. And not just what he said, but how he said it – it was very calm and very real. It wasn’t anything over the top or anything like that. It made you feel like ‘Is this story real or not?’ That’s what wrestling has always been. The great ones have always been able to go out and make you feel that as opposed to other matches on the card. That one match looked real, and you’re talking about it on your way home.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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