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NewsBooker T Delves Into Marty Jannetty's Journey; The Rockers' Dynamic

Booker T Delves Into Marty Jannetty’s Journey; The Rockers’ Dynamic



During the latest installment of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, Booker T delved into the Dark Side of the Ring episode spotlighting Marty Jannetty’s life and career.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On crossing paths with Marty Jannetty: “We crossed paths [on a personal basis]. Of course. I know Marty. But as far as working with Marty, no we never crossed paths with him in the ring or anything like that. He was always one of the guys that I really admired his work coming up.”

On Shawn Michaels always having the ‘it’ factor: “I could see the talent in Shawn Michaels, and the star power in Shawn Michaels early on. Before they ever broke up, before they ever went in their separate ways or anything like that. It was just something about Shawn Michaels, he just had a certain feel about him. And he had a star written all over him.”

On The Rockers’ tag team dynamic: “I mean, him and Shawn, they were good men. They were good. As well as, they had that same — they were like the New Rock and Roll Express. They were like the updated Rock and Roll Express. Even though you could never replace Ricky Morton or Robert Gibson, you couldn’t do it. I couldn’t, either…. To watch those guys come up as a tag team — and it is something I wanted to talk, talk to you about as far as tag teams go including Marty and Shawn. Just like my brother and I, like the Road Warriors Hawk and Animal, and Nasty Boyz. Everybody, all tag teams I’m putting in this conversation. We watched Shawn Michaels. As I said, I could see he had star ridden all over him. But then again, you saw Marty Janetty, and this guy was also an excellent worker.”

On Marty Jannetty’s struggles and talents: “Of course, the demons of Marty Jannetty seemed to outweigh Shawn Michaels. How that happened, I don’t know. Because we’ve heard stories about Shawn Michaels. But both of those guys were mega-talented.”

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