Booker T Discusses Keeping Work And Politics Separate


AEW President Tony Khan turned some heads with his comments in the past week about pro wrestling’s true “crown jewel.” Khan referred to New York as “the crown jewel of wrestling markets, not some b.s. overseas in Saudi Arabia.”

One of the turned heads was that of WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, who used his Hall of Fame podcast to share his opinions on Khan’s comments. The creator of the Spinaroonie thinks that Tony Khan should keep to his own business, and that politics and work should be kept apart.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Khan taking aim at WWE in interviews: “Worry about yourself. Worry about your company, worry about the turmoil that’s going on inside of AEW right now. Try to fix that before before you start thinking about what WWE is doing, instead of running his mouth about WWE. I mean, I got a lot of respect for Tony Khan, but sometimes you earn respect as well, you know what I mean? And you don’t earn it by going out there talking. You earn it by going out there and doing it. I think I would have a whole lot more of respect for Tony Khan if he handled his business. And we all know what that is. We saw the press conference, you know what I mean? So I say you definitely need to think about what’s going on in that company, and just not focus on WWE as much. And things might work out for them.”

Taking shots at WWE Crown Jewel: “Me personally, I don’t get it. Just because there again, it’s a lot of things, a lot of upside about AEW. But just like Chris Jericho was talking at that press conference, some things are just better left kept to ourselves, instead of just blowing up WWE. Especially the way WWE right now is rolling.”

Booker’s thoughts on WWE’s contract with Saudi Arabia: “The contract from Saudi — you know, people can say what they want to say about it. People just like — just say for instance, in the PGA right now, in the LIV golf tour. People are saying what they want to say about it over there, too. But those guys that don’t have those those major, major contracts? Those guys that’s not winning those golf tournaments on a weekly basis, those guys not getting those sponsorships from Nike and all these other places — they want to make their money too, you know what I mean?

“So when it’s money to be made in entertainment, me personally, I’ve always tried to keep entertainment and politics separate. Because I’ve gone all over the world and performed. I’ve actually gone to Korea and performed. Because we got fans over there, and those fans want wrestling. And I’m not going to hold those fans accountable for the way their dictators think. I’m just not going to do that, me personally. So when I look at um stuff like that, I got to look at it from a perspective to where I’m thinking about me and my family.”

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