Booker T Discusses Lio Rush Potentially Returning To WWE


Former WWE Superstars have been returning to the company left and right now that Triple H is head of creative. Recently returned are the faction of Hit Row, which Booker T discussed on his latest podcast episode. But the two-time Hall of Famer pumped the brakes when discussing the return of a former cruiserweight champion and NXT standout – Lio Rush.

The “Man of the Hour” had a tumultuous stay with WWE between 2017 and 2020. Booker talked about Rush finding a place in Hit Row during his “Hall of Fame” podcast.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Hit Row without Swerve Strickland: “I think they’ll figure it out, I think they’ll figure it out, but I’ll tell you what, man, I think there is somebody out there right now that’s knocking on the door, that’s looking to get their foot in the door, like a Lio Rush. Lio Rush put something out, a cryptic tweet, and Lio Rush may be trying to make a return to the WWE … That’s got controversy written all over it.”

On Rush returning to WWE: “Things are changing. If Lio Rush could just shut his mouth for a second he would be okay.”

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