Booker T

Booker T Discusses The Difference Between The WWE Locker Room Today & The Attitude Era Locker Room


Recently, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T spoke about the differences between the WWE locker room back in the days of the Attitude Era and the WWE locker room today. You can check out the highlight from his ‘Hall Of Fame’ podcast below:

I think the respect issue is a whole lot different as well. Just because, you know, a lot of those guys were veterans, a lot of those guys were literally grown men. In their 30s, you know, like mid-30s. So they were looked at from a different perspective. A lot of those guys were stars as well, man. They had a lot of star power. You could trust them to be able to go out there and make certain decisions. And I do think certain guys on the roster today do have that that power that that power to say, 'hey, maybe we should do it this way.' And with some guys, you know, the younger guys, I just don't think they're at that point where they're going to say, 'hey, let's do it this way.' They're going to go out there and do it. You know, the way they're asked to go out there and do it. And that's the right way they should go out there and do it as well. Because, it is a thing too, where they're trying to learn as much as they possibly can. And they're getting information from guys, hopefully, that know a whole lot more than they do."

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